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Taking inspiration from the Northwest landscape, culture, and fruit we at Avid Cider Co set out to create ciders that are all locally sourced from regional fruit. Our ciders start with a base of NW fruit pressed to achieve a balance of sweetness, tartness, and dryness that is "just right." We forge our ciders in the heart of the Pacific Northwest in Bend, Oregon. Enjoy our seasonal lineup! 



6.0% ABV

A long time ago when dragons roamed the land, soldiers were sent out to bring back one thing for their emperor - the prized Dragon Fruit. Legend has it that as he trusts his sword into the heart of the dragon, fire and fruit was breathed out in his last breath. The fruits cactus like neon-magenta skin and lime green scales very closely resemble the flesh if the mythical dragon. It is believed that those who feast on the flesh, which has a mild kiwi / sorbet like flavor, will be endowed with the strength and ferocity of the dragon. Side effects might include breathing fire and other unknowns.

Ingredients: Hard Cider, Prickly Pear Juice, Dragon Fruit. Contains Sulfites.

Available: 22oz Bottle  / Tap



6.0% ABV

Warning: you will become spellbound with this siren's irresistible blend of tropical pineapple and mango. The tart pineapple is skillfully balanced with the mangos sweetness and flavor. And although she looks like a sweet treat, we targeted an off-dry but fruit forward profile that showcases the aromas and flavors of these distinctive fruits that is "just right". A non-cloying clean finish leaves all mortals lusting for more. 

Ingredients: Hard Cider made with Organic Apples. Apple Juice made with Organic Apples. Contains Sulfites.

Available: 22oz Bottle  / Tap



6.2% ABV

We called upon the Greek Goddess of Snow "Khione" to forge a cider to combat that bitter, bleak, unyielding chill of her father's ( Boreas God of the North Wind ) winter season. Equipped with a quiver of Madagascar Vanilla Beans her quest began with a hunt to collect the finest NW pears. In an effort of pure blasphemy to her father, she then pressed, blended, and fermented a drink in the perfect elixir that would allow us mortals to survive through the winter.

Ingredients: Hard Cider, Pear Juice, Vanilla Bean Extract, Contains Sulfites. 

Available: 22oz Bottle  / Tap