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10 Year Anniversary Cider Card

Every three days during the month of June, 2023, we will be releasing a new taproom exclusive cider. Once you arrive at the taproom, you can ask the bartender for our 10 Year Anniversary Cider Stamp Card. Each time you come into the taproom during  a cider release window, you can obtain a stamp for that given cider. Each stamp you collect on your card gives you one entry into our raffle at our Cheers to 10 Years Concert event at the Avid Cider Taproom on June 30th, 2023 at 8:00 PM Sharp. Prizes include Avid branded merchandise, gift cards, and our grand prize of Cider for a year. Must be present at the Cheers to 10 Years Concert  in order to win. Must be 21+ for entry into the sweepstakes.


Full restrictions and rules regarding the Cider for Life prize are listed below.


The winner of the Cider for a year sweepstakes will receive a monthly gift card worth the value of two cases of cider at our product cost. The gift card may be used for any Avid products or merchandise. The "Cider for a year" gift card is non-transferable and may not be used or claimed by any other individual. 

No purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes. Individuals can earn a total of 10 entries into the sweepstakes (one for each stamp collected). If cider cards are altered or modified in any way by the consumer, all entries for that individual will be considered forfeit. 

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